Information Security

Information and data are the basis of your success.  It is therefore critical to protect your financial, research and customer data with effective Information Security Management.  This applies in particular to critical IT infrastructure.  Good Information Security is based on norms like ISO-27001.

Tercenum AG will assist you in the implementation of effective protection measures and helps you on your way to certification.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Our consultants will develop a tailor-made ISMS for you that integrates seamlessly with your company’s processes. This is the only way to reach an effective level of protection that is in line with your requirements and that contributes long term to the success of your company.

Our consultants perform their duties in line with internationally recognized standards for ISMS.

Tasks of the Information Security Officer

As dedicated specialists in the area of IT security Tercenum AG is ideally placed to assist you:

  • We provide advice regarding IT security
  • We analyze your current IT security measures and work with you to establish an IT security concept in line with current guidelines
  • We assist you with the implementation of an ISMS system
  • We also assist you with the implementation of a crisis management system

Audits and Certifications as per ISO 27001

As a responsible company you want to give your clients confidence in your IT security. An ISO 27001 certification shows your clients and partners that IT security is a top priority for you. Our consultants can perform the requisite audits and prepare you step by step for certification.

Our services:

  • We provide an Information Security Officer
  • We develop company-wide strategies for IT security
  • We assist you in the implementation of an ISMS system
  • We help you maintain and update your ISMS system
  • We perform security audits
  • We prepare and guide you towards ISO 27001 certification

Feel free to contact us, at +49 (0)30 983 2175-0 or by using our contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our IT security consulting.

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