Consulting Services on Data Protection for your Company

Corporate Data Protection is a complex subject, subject to national and international laws, and these laws and regulations are also dependent on your line of business.  Of course, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is very important, but e.g. telecommunication or competition laws also play a significant role.  In order to help you keep compliant, we offer our professional consulting services.  On this page you’ll find an overview of our services; we are of course also happy to answer all your questions in a personal conversation.  Feel free to contact us!

What does Data Protection in your company involve?

The processing of Personal Data is regulated by law, and therefore it is advisable to ensure that this processing is properly structured in your company.  This is something that we can help with: we will work with you to establish guidelines, statements, internal and external agreements and other documents related to Data Protection.  In addition, we provide the following services: Audit the existing data processing operations Provide training for your employees Check information security and technical processing of Personal Data Check all aspects of your business, including also your websites, for compliance with current laws and regulations We tailor our approach to your specific business

So how does this work?

Our Data Protection consulting services consist of the following steps: First, we get in touch after having received your request. During this first conversation we establish the exact nature of the questions to be answered and the problems to be solved. Next, we provide you with an individual offer containing the specific steps we propose to answer your questions and solve your problems. As soon as you have accepted our offer, our experts start working for you, solving your issues in line with the law. We also have a tool that allows you to get a first estimate of your current level of compliance with relevant Data Protection laws and regulations.

Our international presence

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we work with you in your own facilities and in close cooperation. We have experts in Berlin, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Hamburg and Eindhoven (in The Netherlands). With these locations we can provide services in a wide area including all of Germany, The Netherlands and other countries.

Our memberships

Die Tercenum AG arbeitet mit bitkom zusammen
Die Tercenum AG ist Partner der CAST - Competence Center for Applied Security Technology
Die Tercenum AG ist Mitglied bei der GDD, der Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit
Die Tercenum AG ist Kooperationspartner im vdiv