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You can hire an external Data Protection Officer through TERCENUM AG. We provide consulting and Data Protection Officer services throughout all of Germany to medium-sized companies and corporate groups regarding privacy, data protection and data security. We work with you to establish the necessary processes, infrastructure and IT systems. This is why our team consists of members with a wide variety of expertise and experience. Whether you have a law firm, work in finance or in technology – our know-how allows us to provide you with a comprehensive service. We assist companies with the implementation of data protection and data security. As Data Protection Officer we also ensure legal compliance as well as a practical, user-friendly implementation. We have offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Eindhoven allowing us to cover all of Germany and neighbouring countries, whether as consultants or Data Protection Officers. Feel free to contact us by telephone oder email. More…

The name of the game in data protection and privacy has changed with the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  Many organizations have since been busy finding a Data Protection Officer capable of ensuring compliance with the GDPR. TERCENUM AG provides support in the following areas: External Data Protection Officer: TERCENUM AG provides you with a capable external Data Protection Officer who is your go-to person regarding privacy and data protection. Data protection consulting: with our extensive experience we will assist you in all areas of data protection and privacy. IT security: we assist and provide competent advice regarding ISMS systems that comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations. We also make available relevant information on our website: White papers: interesting and important topics regarding data protection are captured by us in White Papers and we make these available to you in PDF format. FAQ: the most common questions regarding data protection are answered in our FAQ section. Career: want to join us?  Here you‘ll find our current open positions.

We focus on personal data – i.e. data that is or can be linked to a living person.  Such data are especially relevant to Data Protection rules and regulations, affecting your internal processes, forms etc.  The multitude of different rules means that compliance is a major effort requiring professional help, and our Data Protection Officers are ideally placed to provide that help. The first step consists of security audits, aimed at identifying weak points in your Data Protection measures.  Then we develop a strategy together with you to address these weak points and minimize your Data Protection risk, while ensuring that this strategy is a perfect fit for your organization.  What to expect: We provide a properly qualified external Data Protection Officer Together, we work out a plan to implement proper Data Protection We work with you to implement a Data Protection Management System Existing Data Protection processes will be reviewed and if necessary corrected We assist you with the implementation of Data Protection including technical and organizational measures We perform Data Protection audits We provide training and coaching regarding Data Protection and compliance We assist with data shielding, deletion and destruction

Personal data should be protected with an effective and efficient management system. TERCENUM AG will assist you with the impementation of such a management system as well as certification to internationally recognized norms.  This will happen in several steps: Appoint an Information Security Officer Implement an information security management system (ISMS) Provide advice and assistance with the maintenance and ongoing development of your ISMS Prepare for and assist with certification per ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 Certification per ISO 27001 and 27701 shows your clients that you take Data Protection seriously.  We provide assistance with every aspect, including security audits, preparation for the audit and even the audit itself. Questions?  Feel free to contact us!

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We can support your company in the creation of a data protection organisation and information security system.

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Data Protection

Data protection managers in companies and groups are now faced with complex requirements in terms of statutory data protection.

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Information Security

Protect your financial, research and customer data with effective security management from TERCENUM AG.

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Self Assessment Data Protection

Data Protection is important these days. That is why it is important to know where you stand. Are you compliant with all relevant rules and regulations? You can check this with our interactive checklist.

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