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mails sent or received by employees, customer data contained in a CRM, or IP address tracking for marketing purposes – all generate personal data in the course of your daily business routine. And as a result, those responsible for Data Protection in a company or corporation are often facing complex demands and requirements. TERCENUM AG offers help in the form of external Data Protection Officers, who will provide you with solid advice on how to legally process personal data. There are several subjects that are of particular importance when providing Data Protection consulting services, and we have included more information on these subjects here on our website. And of course we are happy to answer any questions you may have in a personal conversation; feel free to contact us to get an appointment!

External Data Protection Officer for your own company

If you choose us to provide an external Data Protection Officer, you will get a comprehensive package of services: We will provide a properly qualified external Data Protection Officer Together, we will work out a plan to implement proper Data Protection We will work with you to implement a Data Protection Management System Existing Data Protection processes will be reviewed and if necessary corrected We will assist you with the implementation of Data Protection

Tasks and Responsibilities of an External Data Protection Officer

In both public bodies and private organizations is the protection of Personal Data an important subject, but the requirements are not always identical.  Public bodies are always required to have a Data Protection Officer as soon as Personal Data are being processed (and when are they not?).  Private organizations are only required to have a Data Protection Officer in some circumstances such as e.g. the processing of special data (health data etc.) on a large scale. How does a Data Protection Officer work? He or she reports directly to top management He or she checks and audits the processing of Personal Data in your organization He or she consults and provides advice on all subjects related to Data Protection

Requirements for a Data Protection Officer

Due to the sensitive nature of Personal Data, it is important that a Data Protection Officer is properly qualified. At TERCENUM AG, every external Data Protection Officer has successfully completed the appropriate training with subsequent certification. In addition, we offer regular seminars and courses to ensure that our Data Protection Officers are always up to date. As external Data Protection Officers we at TERCENUM AG support and advise you on all aspects of Data Protection. This allows you to profit from our specialists and their knowledge. Are you looking for an external Data Protection Officer? If so, please contact us to set up a meeting!

Self Assessment Data Protection

Data Protection is important these days. That is why it is important to know where you stand. Are you compliant with all relevant rules and regulations? You can check this with our interactive checklist.

Data protection check

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