Data protection statement

1 Information about the collection of personal data

(1) The following provides information about the collection of personal data when using our website. Personal data is any personally identifiable information, e.g. your name, address, email address and user behaviour.

(2) The controller as per Article 4(7) EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is

Tercenum AG

Eschenallee 32

14050 Berlin, Germany (see Tercenum AG legal website information page or “Imprint”).

You can reach our Data Protection Officer at

Tercenum AG
Eschenallee 32
14050 Berlin, Germany

by adding an FAO marker for “Datenschutzbeauftragter”.

(3) When you contact us by email or using our contact form, we save the data provided by you (your email address, name, telephone number) in order to respond to your query. The data we collect in this case is deleted once we no longer need it, or its processing is restricted if it must be stored in order to meet legal retention obligations. By sending us an email you are providing your consent for us to process your data in accordance with Article 6(1)(a) GDPR.

(4) If we wish to outsource individual functions of our offering to commissioned service providers, we will inform you in detail of the relevant processes below. We will also specify the defined criteria for the storage duration.

2 Your rights

(1) You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right of access
  • Right of rectification or erasure
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to data portability

(2) You also have the right to lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data by us with a data protection supervisory authority.

3 Collection of personal data when visiting our website

(1) If you use our website purely for informational purposes – i.e. you do not send information to us by email – we only collect the personal data transmitted by your browser to our server. If you wish to view our website, we collect the following data, which we require for technical purposes in order to display our website correctly and ensure its stability and security (the legal basis here is set out in Article 6(1)(f) GDPR):

  • IP address
  • Date and time of visit
  • Time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Content of request (specific page)
  • Access status/HTTP status code
  • Data volume transmitted in each case
  • Referrer URL (website you were on from which you switched to our website)
  • Browser
  • Operating system and its interface
  • Language and version of browser software

(2) In addition to the aforementioned data, cookies are saved on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are small text files stored on your hard drive and assigned to the browser you are using. They provide certain information based on how the cookies are set (in this case by us). Cookies cannot run programs or transfer viruses to your computer. They are used to make our website more user-friendly and effective overall.

(3) Use of cookies:

  1. This website uses the following types of cookies, the scope and function of which are explained in the following:
  • Session cookies (b)
  • Permanent cookies (c)
  1. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They store a “session ID”, which is used to assign different requests from your browser to the shared session. They are used to recognise your computer again if you return to our website during a session. Session cookies are deleted when you log out or close your browser.
  2. Permanent cookies are automatically deleted after a specific period of time, which can differ depending on the cookie. You can delete cookies at any time in your browser’s security settings.
  3. You can configure your browser settings as desired and block the acceptance of cookies, for example. Please note, however, that you may not be able to use all of the functions of this website if you do that.

The Flash cookies used are not recorded by your browser, but instead by your Flash plugin. We also use HTML5 storage objects, which are stored on your device. These objects store the required data regardless of the browser you use and do not have an automatic expiry date. If you do not want Flash cookies to be processed, you need to install a corresponding add-on in your browser, such as “Better Privacy” for Mozilla Firefox ( or the “Adobe Flash Killer” cookie for Google Chrome. You can prevent the use of HTML5 storage objects by enabling the “private browsing” function in your browser: in Firefox this is called “private mode” and in Google Chrome “incognito mode”. In Safari (Apple), this function can be enabled by selecting “File” > “New Private Window”. We recommend regularly deleting your cookies and browser history manually.

4 Additional functions and offers on our website

(1) In addition to purely informational offerings, our website also provides different services that may interest you. To use these services, you generally have to provide additional personal data, which we use to provide the service in question and for which the aforementioned principles of data processing apply.

(2) We sometimes use external service providers to process your data. These service providers have been carefully vetted and commissioned by us, are bound to operate according to our instructions and are regularly audited.

5 Objecting to or withdrawing consent for the processing of your data

(1) If you have provided your consent for us to process your data, you can withdraw this consent at any time. Such a withdrawal prevents us from legally processing your personal data once you have informed us of your intent to withdraw your consent.

(2) If we base the processing of your personal data on the balance of interests, you can object to its processing. This is the case when processing your data is not required especially to fulfil a contract, which is presented by us in each case in the following description of the functions. In exercising such an objection, we request that you provide the reasons for why your personal data should not be processed by us as it has been. In the case of a justified objection, we will check the facts of the matter and either stop or adapt the processing of your data or will demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for continuing said processing.

6 Use of AWStats as web analysis software

(1) We use the program AWStats for the statistical analysis of our website. The statistics we acquire through this tool can be used to improve our website offering and make it more interesting for you as the user. The legal basis for this is Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. AWStats analyses log files created by our web server using visitor queries. The program does not use any cookie files for this analysis. The statistical analysis is carried out on log files that also contain IP addresses (see § 3 above). This data generally cannot be assigned to specific individuals. This data is not compiled with data from other sources. Information will not be passed on to third parties. The data is also overwritten after a statistical analysis has been carried out and deleted after seven days at the latest. In contrast to other statistical programs, AWStats does not transfer any data to external servers. The program is installed on our own computer. The server is located in Germany.

(2) The AWStats program is an open source project. Information from the third-party service provider can be found at

7 Use of Matomo as Web Analytics Software

(1) This website uses the web analysis service Matomo (formerly Piwik; https://, a service provided by InnoCraft Ltd, 150 Willis St, 6011 Wellington, New Zealand, to statistically evaluate visitor traffic so that we can improve our site and make it more interesting to you.  The legal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. f DS-GVO.

(2) Cookies are stored on your computer for this evaluation. The information collected in this way is stored exclusively locally on the responsible person’s server in Germany, so that the data is not sent to other countries. The evaluation does not begin until you have given your consent to this in the cookie banner.

(3) Matomo shortens the IP addresses (“AnonymizeIP”) before they are further processed. Thus a direct personal relationship can be excluded. The IP address transmitted by your browser via Matomo is not merged with other data collected by us.

(4) The program Matomo is an open source project. You can obtain information about data protection from the third party provider at or by sending an e-mail to