External data protection officer

From employee email, to customer databases, through to IP tracking for marketing purposes – personal data exists in many different forms in today’s corporate environment. Data protection managers in companies and groups are now faced with complex requirements in terms of statutory data protection.

TERCENUM AG can advise your company on how to handle personal data in a legally watertight manner.

External data protection officer

If you appoint us as your external data protection officer, our consultants will take over all the duties required to ensure that your data protection complies with the law:

Our expert consultants and auditors will check your data protection management according to the standards of current data protection legislation. We will carry out security audits in various areas of your company and, together with you, develop optimised security measures that are right for your industry. In this way, you will minimise security risks in your everyday business activities and in the implementation of new projects

Overview of services

  • Appointing an external data protection officer
  • Drafting of data protection guidelines for your company
  • Introduction and operation of a company-specific data protection management system (DPMS)
  • Performance of data protection audits
  • Support with the implementation of technical and organisational measures
  • Coaching on data protection and compliance in corporate practice
  • Solutions for and management of the blocking and destruction of data (DIN 66399)
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Make sure you have legally watertight data protection in your organisation.
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